Avoid the Holiday Hurdles: 5 Reasons Not to Get Holiday Family Photos in December

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Avoid the Holiday Hurdles: 5 Reasons Not to Get Holiday Family Photos in December

Discover Why October is the Ideal Time for Holiday Family Photos

Holiday family photos? Already? I know what you’re thinking – isn’t it a bit early for Christmas? October is here, and while you may be thinking more about pumpkins and Halloween costumes than decking the halls, it’s the perfect time to start considering your holiday family photos.  So, let’s dive into why getting your holiday portraits done in October is a fantastic idea, despite the pumpkin spice craze still sweeping the nation.

Why Do Holiday Family Photos So Early?

Have you ever strolled into a store in October and wondered why they’re already selling Christmas decorations? It’s a common sentiment. Halloween hasn’t even arrived, and the festive spirit is already upon us. But instead of brushing it off, let’s ponder the wisdom in this early celebration. Perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye.

1. Beat the Holiday Rush

One of the most compelling reasons to get your holiday family photos done in October is to beat the holiday rush. As the year winds down, schedules become increasingly hectic. Between shopping, parties, and family gatherings, finding time for a portrait session becomes challenging. By planning ahead and scheduling your session in October, you avoid the holiday craze and ensure your photos are ready when you need them.

2. Consider Your Schedule

Your own schedule and availability may also impact when you can send out Christmas cards. If you’ll be busy with holiday preparations or traveling, it’s a good idea to send them out earlier to ensure they’re not overlooked. But it’s not just about you; it’s also about your recipients. You want them to be able to enjoy the photos rather than set them aside because they’re getting ready to travel.

3. Order Early, Avoid Delays

Then you need to plan for the time it takes for your prints to be ready. If you wait too long, your printer may have longer turnaround times as the holiday season approaches. Delayed printing can lead to late card deliveries, and no one wants to receive a Happy Holidays card in February. Ordering your prints well in advance, in October, ensures timely delivery.

4. Editing Takes Time

Now, you might be thinking about e-cards and their quick delivery. It’s true that e-cards are almost instant, but here’s the catch: your photographer still needs time to edit your photos. Most photographers have a two-week turnaround before you can access your gallery. So, even if you opt for e-cards, you’ll want your photos ready in advance.

5. Share the Joy

Lastly, let’s not forget the joy of sharing your holiday family photos. I remember growing up and receiving pictures from all our friends and family. Those photos used to adorn our pantry door throughout the holiday season, and it was a heartwarming tradition. By getting your photos done in mid-October, you’ll have everything ready to send out e-cards or snail mail holiday cards in time for your loved ones to enjoy throughout the season.

Embrace the Early Festivity

So, while it may seem a bit early to dive into holiday preparations, there’s wisdom in it. Getting your holiday family photos done in October ensures you have everything ready for a stress-free holiday season. Beat the rush, consider your schedule, avoid printing delays, and give your photographer time to work their magic. Share the joy of your family’s smiles with loved ones, and embrace the early festivity. This year, you’ll be ahead of the curve, sipping cocoa and enjoying the holidays while others are still decking the halls.Ready to capture the spirit of the season in October? Book your holiday portrait session now, and let’s create memories that will warm hearts throughout the holidays. Don’t wait – secure your spot today and make this holiday season truly special.To add to the excitement of planning your holiday family photos in October, I have a special treat for you! My exclusive Holiday Mini Sessions are now available at a reduced price for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to update your family photos for a fraction of the cost!

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